Faith Decisions, Your Role, and the Role of the Staffers

Most worship services--whether in the PrimeTime/School meeting or in Jones Performing Arts Center (JPAC) for evening worship--will have an invitation. Since students are sitting within their PrimeTimes/Schools and not with your church, it will be difficult for you to see if your students are responding. (Several reasons exist for seating them within their Primetimes/Schools including schedule flow, relationship building, attendance monitoring, etc.) Our trained staffers will move to the lobby of JPAC at the close of services to await those that are making decisions. If you would like, you are invited to join us in the lobby during this wonderful time of prayer and connection.

Staffers will be watching for students from their small groups and are fully prepared to walk with them through any decision. However, we recognize and honor your role as their shepherd. Please feel free to handle decision counseling for your students, even if it means kindly interrupting a conversation that has already started with their staffers. If you do choose to do that, we ask that you fill out the decision guides so that we have records of whatever decision is made.

It is a mission of Super Summer to equip and empower a generation of ministers, our staffers. We give our staffers opportunities to be involved in invitations and to lead small groups so that they have the experience of leading people to Christ and to lead in discipleship. We feel that this is crucial to raising up a generation of who have a passion for evangelism and discipleship. For 30 years, the staffing experience at Super Summer has translated into ministries across our state and the world. You will find the energy, enthusiasm, and investment of our staffers to be the heart of Super Summer.

Please pray and support them as they invest in your students.