The Philosophy of Super Summer and an Adult's Involvement

The beauty of Super Summer is found in its philosophy and structure. Our camp emphasizes evangelism and discipleship. Plenty of opportunities exist for students to hear the gospel and for believers’ relationship with Christ to be deepened.

Super Summer places students into 3 “meeting” times in order to accomplish this philosophy. Our worship service has all 1400 campers together under the teaching of our camp speaker and worship band. Students are also placed in “Primetimes” or colored “Schools” where selected, well-trained teachers take them through discipleship curriculum written by our Leadership Team. These Primetimes/Schools are made up of about 180 students. Lastly, your students are placed in “Family Groups” which are led by our trained staffers. Family Groups consist of 10-15 students and are used for making personal, practical application of the curriculum. In all of these “meetings,” trained college staffers will be with your students, guiding them along the way and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Adults have their own “school,” led by the camp speaker, which concentrates on encouragement, student ministry training, equipping for ministry, etc. During the afternoon, adults have free time to help with recreation and/or to check out what the students are learning in their Primetimes/Schools. Due to the specific dynamic of Family Groups, we do not allow adults to participate in the Family Group time with students and their staffer.

Churches are housed together, according to gender, in dorms which allows for relationship building. Additionally, daily church group meetings and meal times allow for authentic bonding. In the dorms, churches are responsible to “police” their students and help with “lights out” and “rise and shine.”

Students housed in the same room will be in the same Primetimes/Schools. However, your entire group will not all have the same Primetimes/Schools. Over the years, we have found this to be an excellent way for students to meet new people and form friendships that last well past camp.