An Adult's First Day at Super Summer

When you arrive on campus, you will register your group at the OBU gym, otherwise known as the Sturgis Physical Education Center (SPEC). As you enter campus, several signs will point you toward registration, and you'll be greeted by college staffers near the gym entrance.

Once parked, leave all items inside the vehicles and enter the gym. Students must enter the gym, along with chaperones, and sit in the stands as they wait on you to register the group. You, as the primary group contact, will come to the registration table in the gym lobby. At the table, you'll check your group in, pay any outstanding fees, and advise us of any on-site cancellations. You will be assigned to a church group meeting spot on campus and you'll find that location during check-in.

After leaving the registration table, take your group's master list to the DJ at the center of the gym's basketball court, then join your students in the stands. As space becomes available on the gym floor, the DJ will call churches down to go through the registration process.

When your church's name is called, you and your students and adult chaperones will go to the nametag tables at the front of the gym. There are several staffers at these tables and will be handing out nametags alphabetically based on last name.

Once your nametag is received, they will go to their curriculum station. For JV students, these stations are designated by numbers 1 through 6. For Senior High students, these stations are designated by color. At the curriculum station, each person will receive a lanyard, curriculum and t-shirt. Lanyards will have nametags and keys and must be worn at all times. Their nametag is their entrance pass to meals, small groups, and worship services.

After receiving curriculum, they will go to the key line based on the dorm they are assigned to. Each student will receive a swipe card for entrance into the dorm and a key for entrance into their room. Some dorms will not have a physical key and will use a swipe card to get into the room, as well.

Once your students receive all their items, get your master list back from the DJ and take your group back to your vehicles. From there, you will unload your students at the assigned dorms.

If you are new to Super Summer, we will assign a staffer to help you through this process! We want it to be fun and as easy as possible for you.

After unloading items at the dorms, feel free to head to the cafeteria for dinner. Following dinner, all campers will participate in a mandatory orientation in the Jones Performing Arts Center (JPAC). Adults will be released from this meeting for their own separate orientation. In this meeting, we will go over specifics of how camp runs and how you can be involved.

It will also help you to familiarize yourself with the camp schedules before you arrive. You can obtain these schedules from the Resources link on this website.