Camp Rules

Click here for a full listing of all camp rules. We request and expect every camper to willingly abide by these rules for the safety, protection, and well-being of all campers--this includes adults. You can help us have a more effective camp if you can emphasize some of these rules beforehand.

Modesty: Please go over the dress code. This is one of our biggest trouble areas at camp. Our Super Summer team cannot monitor this, and it is our preference not to put our staffers in a situation where they are enforcing this rule. It is incumbent upon the individual churches to enforce the rules.

Attendance: We have a very effective way of determining if a student is where he/she should be during scheduled meetings. A student will not get away with staying in the dorm unattended nor switching any of the “groups” that they are assigned to. Our staffers are constantly taking attendance and reporting to security. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate dorm or group changes unless there are extreme emergency situations.

Leaving Campus: Students are not allowed off campus. Being on a college campus is exciting, but with freedom comes responsibility. Stay on campus. No students riding in vehicles. No walking off campus. Even if some of the rules don’t seem appropriate for your group, please be consistent in helping us enforce. This helps unity among the camp.