Church and Camper Registration

Super Summer utilizes an online registration to get you, your students, and your adults registered for Super Summer. During the registration process, you'll be using this system quite extensively as you prepare to bring your students. We are constantly working to improve our registration process to make it as quick and easy as possible, while maintaining a high standard for security and protecting personal data.

Managing Registration

Creating an Account

Each year, you must create a new account. Because youth pastors, adults, and students may not be at the same church each year, the system requires a new account be generated for each camp year.

Opening Registration

We allow for students to be registered in two ways: you can supply your own forms to your students and enter their information into our system or you can allow the students to register themselves directly from our website. Most churches choose to allow students to self-register.

By default, the system does not allow students to register themselves. To allow students to register, you must login and turn on self-registration.

Register Yourself

As soon as you have created your account, and opened self-registration (if you choose to do so), we encourage you to go ahead and register yourself. A common mistake Youth Pastors make is not registering themselves, which creates major problems when the housing process has begun.

Adult Campers

Super Summer relies on adults and college staffers to help us execute the logistics of camp. We would love to encourage you and your adult chaperones to help us with the camp experience by being willing to volunteer. There are several ways you can get involved: be a dorm supervisor, run a game at recreation, security, etc. Complete descriptions of the areas we need to cover are available for review when you register for camp.

During the Registration Period

If you have chosen to allow your students to self-register, we encourage you to regularly login and review your student roster. Because you and your church will be responsible for registration and cancellation fees, please make sure you are looking for bogus registrations and cancel any student who cannot come as soon as possible.


If a student needs to cancel, he or she can cancel themselves or you can cancel him/her until the last cancel date, according to the fee structure. Please remember to check the fee structure, as any applicable late fees will be assessed and your church and the student will be responsible for making those payments.

If a student cancels his or her registration and circumstances change allowing him or her to come to camp, the student may be un-cancelled without penalty, provided space is available.


Once a camp is full, the only way to bring in additional students is through substituting a camper who wishes to cancel. The website will walk you through the process of cancelling the camper who can no longer attend and replacing him or her with the new camper. The cancelling camper will be responsible for any late fees assessed, and the new camper will be responsible for the registration fee at the time they register, based on the fee structure.

Example: A student registers during the Early Registration period, but needs to cancel during the Late Cancellation period. This camper is substituted with a new camper. In this case, the original camper will be refunded the Early Registration fee and charged a Late Cancellation Fee. The new camper will be charged the Late Registration fee, according to the fee structure.

Housing and Roommates

Because Super Summer understands housing is a critical component to the atmosphere and camp experience, we do our very best to accommodate roommate preferences as they have been supplied by the camper. You play a critical role in helping us understand who should be roomed together, because you have personal knowledge about the students who work well together and those who don't. Please pay special attention to the role you play in housing students.

How it Works

Super Summer does not allow co-ed housing, even for adults. We will house all of your students, by gender, in the same dorm. We make every effort to put all of your students in rooms adjacent to each other, but in some cases, students may be down the hall or on the floor above or below. All campers should plan on 3 individuals per room, and one of those campers should bring an air mattress, cot, or sleeping bag. Specific details about the housing arrangements will be made available to you when the housing process is complete a couple of weeks before camp.

Roommate Pairings

As soon as camp is full, we will ask you to pair your students based on the preferences they have given during the registration process.

Super Summer will give you a specific number of rooms based on the number of students you have, in each gender. You will need to pair the students in groups of 3, although based on the number of students attending, you may have a couple of rooms of 2. If you choose to not pair your students as they have requested, we encourage you to please make sure you have that conversation with the student campers. If you don't, the students will see their roommates when it is publicly released by Super Summer, and we cannot accommodate roommate changes once all housing is complete.

Also, if circumstances allow, we encourage you to avoid housing one student with one adult.

Roommate Changes

You will have a limited window in which you can make changes to campers and their roommates. After this window is closed, we will be unable to accommodate any roommate change requests.

School and PrimeTime Assignments

All Senior High campers are assigned to Schools and all JV Campers are assigned to PrimeTimes. Within each School and PrimeTime, the students are assigned to a Family Group, led by a college staffer.


All 9th-11th graders will be divided up into Schools designated by the colors Blue, Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow. All 12th graders will be in Camo. All students housed within the same room (not the same suite) will be assigned to the same color school--except for Camo students.

Students who are housed with only an adult in their room will be assigned to the same School as other students from your church.

Changes in School colors are only allowed during a limited change window AND only if an even swap can occur. After this window, we are unable to accommodate changes in School assignments.


All 6th-8th graders will be divided up into PrimeTimes designated by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. There are NO color affiliations with these numbers. All students housed within the same room (not the same suite) will be assigned to the same PrimeTime.

Students who are housed with only an adult in their room will be assigned to the same PrimeTime as other students from your church.

Changes in PrimeTimes are only allowed during a limited change window AND only if an even swap can occur. After this window, we are unable to accommodate changes in PrimeTime assignments.

Final Review

After we release camp housing, roommate pairings, and School/PrimeTime assignments, we HIGHLY encourage you to contact us immediately with any discrepancies or issues. We will do our best to accommodate any emergency situations, but please be aware that any changes we make to your church will have a ripple impact to other churches. As a result, we may not be able to make any changes and appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

By reviewing all information prior to the week of camp, it will make your check-in and on-site experience a lot faster and smoother.