Welcome to Super Summer!

We are excited to have you and your students at Super Summer Arkansas! Super Summer is an action packed week for your youth and we want to make your Super Summer experience as enjoyable as possible. The information on this site will help provide the best experience possible for you, your volunteers, and your students.

Tell Me About...

  • 1. Church and Camper Registration
  • 2. Fee Structure
  • 3. Camp Rules
  • 4. Chaperone Requirements
  • 5. An Adult's First Day at Super Summer
  • 6. Medical Release Forms
  • 7. The Philosophy of Super Summer and an Adult’s Involvement
  • 8. Faith Decisions, Your Role, and the Role of the Staffers
  • 9. Church Group Time

  • Registration Tips

  • January Promotion: Promote Super Summer during the month of January. You will want your students ready as soon as registration opens. Super Summer promotion videos can be found on the Super Summer vimeo account.
  • Online Registration:
    • IMPORTANT: Create an account about a week before registration opens and open registration for your church. Your account will give you access to online tools that will enable you to view who has registered from your church, including roommate preferences, and a registration fee balance. If you do not open registration, students from your church cannot register themselves.
    • Walk them through registering online.
    • Give them the web address.
    • Explain that each family needs to set up an account in order to register. Multiple campers can be registered with the same account.
    • Each camper will need to provide insurance, medical/allergy, and emergency contact information.
    • Encourage each student to have two roommates who are fairly set on going to Super Summer, because roommate preferences must be supplied during the registration process.
    • Youth pastors, all students, and all adults MUST be registered to attend Super Summer.
    • Chaperones are required. We recommend 1 adult for every 10 students of the same gender. For example: If you have 15 males, and 7 females, we require 2 male and 1 female chaperone.
  • Financial Responsibility:
    • You can require a deposit due by a certain date (i.e. March 1). Some youth pastors tell their students that they are not "completely" registered until the deposit is turned in. Some youth pastors will not complete the housing process for their students until deposits are in hand.
    • Some youth pastors register their own students. They create a paper form for the students to fill out and turn back in with a deposit and then the youth pastor registers each of the campers online. (This is a time intensive option).
  • Cancellation Fees: It is important to periodically check the church's account online to make sure registered students are in fact committed to going. Super Summer has a strict cancellation fee policy, so cancellations after the provided dates will incur cancellation fees.
  • Social Media: Be sure to follow Super Summer on social media to keep up with camp capacity statuses, price increases, other deadlines, etc.

  • Pastor Promotional Video

    Super Summer is a great camp! But, don't just take our word for it. Here's what others have to say:

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    Feel free to send us an email (information@supersummerarkansas.com) and we'll be glad to answer any additional questions you may have!